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    Christopher Turchik

    Yo Lynch can I speak with you?

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    Christopher Turchik

    Gaspar Noe. carne, I stand alone, irreversible. Trilogy

    Happy birthday Loc!!!

    Winery rockbell?

    I believe that you could rebuild your liver and if you on meds? You can heal a life style change tho. I’m on monthly injections 78mg. Invaga sustena.its a tranqulizer. Drink everyday. smoke . I feel like I’m bleeding. like incarnations just bleed through me uncontorablly.all trauma based. I see and hear things all day and night. Grind my teeth bad bad when I sleep. Have stent.
    Jimmy lynch Hendrix. I saw that photo. Lol. Noice.
    Yo I ordered a white hoodie with your face on the back wrapped in barbed wire and it never came. I got a black madesicc t-shirt.??? Can I get that hoodie???
    We should train in a hyperbolic chamber together?
    Spring water whiskey?
    Have you seen somebody do a 1440 on skies and land that’s 4 at least do it in a game lol.
    I can teach you mpc?
    Catalina wine mixer. bro. pow.
    I’m trying to gain 25 pounds of muscle.
    I have an imaginary friend he helps me sometimes.
    Coffin heads have been known to kill 7 people in just one attack. Out run humans.
    This is the prototype (brine it)smoked pulled pork after cook through with guava home made scorpion pepper bbq sauce very hot pepper tho. Very little bit just to warm u.get a treager
    Poor little pig.
    Based off the first two movies do you think Hannibal needed a women a ride or die type if you will???
    Yo I know some people in the pen that would love to hear from you.? I’m just saying? Even if you just sent pictures? I don’t know?
    Yo dude can grow his hair back and get his vision back. For the hair pau d arco bark. Soak it in water and this gel will come out and you put it on your scalp and ingest reshi mushroom and ingest horsetail. At least that’s what I was told.

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